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Florist & Wholesaler Information

  • Popular cut flower which can also be used to dry.
  • Most commonly grown species for the cut flower industry is Hydrangea Macrophylla and is available in a vast range of colors.
  • The color of individual varieties will change dramatically depending on season, climate, growing region and acidity and aluminium content of soil.
  • The most common white, pink and blue varieties are now widely grown Year Round in a range of sizes from "Mini" to "Extra Large" in South America.
  • Immature White Hydrangea harvested when they are still green ( sold as "Mini Green" ) have become very popular from South America and bear a striking resemblance to "Viburnum Snowball".
  •  Dutch Variety Hydrangeas are available in a wide spectrum of colors from Holland from March to November. These are not available in the winter months.
  • New Zealand has a large production of Premium Hydrangea from December to May.
  • "Antique" Hydrangea colors are most available in the late Summer and Fall season as traditonal varieties change color due to colder weather           ( Late Winter and early Spring from New Zealand).
  • White Hydrangeas are often tinted or painted to provide seasonal colors from South America. 'Painted'' refers to the process of spray painting the hydrangea, whereas ''Tinted '' means that it was done by stem absorption.
  • Should be re pre-treated  using a commerical hydration solution such as "Quick Dip", then transferred to regular treated water. This dual treatment seems to help keep the hydarangeas 10 days and more.