The Essence of Fagua Flowers: Commitment, Quality, through a Trend-focused curation of flowers.

At Fagua Flowers, our commitment lies in the meticulous exploration of the most fashionable floral varieties worldwide, delivering them right to your doorstep. With more than two decades of expertise, we cater to wholesale floral distributors, retail chains, and a wide range of online platforms, offering an unmatched selection of high-quality blossoms

FaguaFlowers stands out due to our direct collaborations with over 100 leading farms worldwide, an extensive portfolio that includes over 50 types of flowers and spans more than 2000 varieties, all backed by our two decades of valuable experience in the industry.

We take sustainability, quality and responding to our clients needs as our first priority.

Discover the Fagua Flowers Benefits

Fagua Flowers

Expertise & Excellence:

With over two decades in the floral industry, FaguaFlowers stands as a beacon of quality and professionalism, offering direct-from-farm fresh cut flowers and on-trend bouquets globally.

Global Network, Local Touch: Our expansive network includes partnerships with over 100 premier farms worldwide, spanning continents from Colombia to The Netherlands.

Quality Assurance at Fagua Flowers: We uphold stringent quality standards through comprehensive inspection processes, advanced preservation methods, and vase life assessments. We aim to always ensure consistency, longevity, and vibrancy in our flowers.

We blend innovation with sustainability, partnering with farms that adhere to eco-friendly practices, and continuously refining our techniques to maintain the highest standards in the floral industry.

Efficiency Redefined

Fagua Flowers
Simplified Procurement:

We streamline your floral buying process, combining all orders into one comprehensive invoice, designed to save you time and enhance your profitability.

Fagua Flowers
Direct Delivery Promise:

Our commitment to efficient logistics in deliveries ensures that superior-quality products reach your business when you need them.

Get to Know Our Story

Fagua Flowers: Guiding Your Floral Success Since 2002


Rooted in Colombia's rich floral heritage, Fagua Flowers has grown from a local pioneer to a global leader in floral distribution. Our journey began with a humble rose farm in the Bogotá savannah, blossoming into an international network that now serves over 20 countries, including our main market, the United States.

Fagua Flowers
Fagua Flowers


Drawing inspiration from our name, 'Fagua', meaning 'star' or 'guide', we embody the role of a trusted advisor and guide in the floral industry. Our focus is on empowering our clients with the best floral solutions, guiding them through every step of their procurement process.

Our Seal of Quality: Certifications

At FaguaFlowers, we pride ourselves on partnering with farms that adhere to the highest standards of quality assurance and sustainable practices. We meticulously select our partners based on their commitment to excellence, as evidenced by their esteemed certifications. Our partners' certifications ensure that our flowers are not only beautiful but also responsibly cultivated.

Certifications Held by Our Partner Farms

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Rainforest Alliance Certified:

Demonstrates a commitment to biodiversity conservation and sustainable land management.
More about our partners’ practices: Rainforest Alliance

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FlorVerde Sustainable Flowers:

A Colombian-specific certification emphasizing social responsibility and environmental sustainability.
Read more: FlorVerde

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Represents commitment to sustainable growing practices and product excellence.
Learn more: FlorEcuador

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DSV Green Logistics

Fagua Flowers enhances its eco-friendly commitment by partnering with DSV for sustainable logistics solutions. DSV’s initiative focuses on reducing carbon emissions and improving shipping sustainability. This collaboration underlines our dedication to environmental stewardship in our supply chain.

For more on DSV’s green logistics, see their announcemen here

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Fleurs de France

Assures customers of the authentic French origin of their purchased plants, flowers, and bulbs. It simplifies identifying products grown in France, offering transparency and supporting France’s esteemed horticultural tradition. Choosing “Fleurs de France” products means embracing and contributing to the legacy of French excellence in gardening and plant cultivation.

Read more: Fleurs de France

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Plante Bleue

The french benchmark that officially guarantees plants are cultivated eco-responsibly by certified horticultural producers and nurseries. It assures producers, distributors, and communities that the plants they handle or purchase are grown in accordance with stringent environmental standards, reflecting a commitment to sustainability and ecological stewardship in plant production.

Read more: Plante Blue

FaguaFlowers collaborates with esteemed partners to enhance our distribution network and ensure our commitment to sustainability and quality in all aspects of our operation.
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WFFSA (Wholesale Florist & Florist Supplier Association)

As a members of the WFFSA we have access to different resources, industry insights, and networking opportunities, which helps us to stay ahead in market trends and best practices. For more about WFFSA, visit their website

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Komet Sales

Collaborating with Komet Sales enables us to leverage advanced floral software solutions for effective supply chain management and sales processes. For more about Komet Sales, visit their website

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Royal Flora Holland

Our strategic partnerships provide Fagua Flowers with access to the Holland Flower Auction, being integrally linked to the global floral trade’s heartbeat. This collaboration empowers us to respond swiftly to global market trends and customer demands, reinforcing our commitment to providing exceptional quality and variety in our offerings. For more about the Holland Flower Auction, visit their website

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We specialize in sourcing the finest flowers from Dutch auctions and sustainable European farms. Since 2015, this partnership has empowered us to bring unparalleled floral excellence to our clients, combining the best of Europe’s auctioned blooms with eco-friendly practices. Together, we’re committed to sustainability and quality, ensuring a diverse and eco-conscious selection.

Meet the Fagua Flowers Team:


At Fagua Flowers, our team's unique blend of experience and dedication sets us apart. Each team member brings distinct skills and deep industry knowledge, all contributing to an unparalleled customer experience.