Welcome to our FAQ Section

In this section you can find the answers to common inquiries about Fagua Flowers’ products, services, and processes. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please reach out to us directly at info@fagua.com
Do you offer flowers for specific events or seasons?

Yes, we curate our flower selection to suit seasonal trends and events. Whether it’s a high-profile gala or a seasonal holiday, our Premium Flower Program has you covered with exquisite selections tailored to the occasion.

How can I become a client of Fagua Flowers?

We would be thrilled to welcome you as a client. Please contact us through our website, via email, or by phone to start the conversation. Our team is ready to tailor our services to your specific needs and requirements.

How do you ensure the freshness of your flowers during transit?

We take great care in sourcing our flowers. We work with a network of local and international flower growers who provide us with the freshest and most beautiful blooms. Our commitment to quality means we select flowers that are in season, and we prioritize sustainable and eco-friendly practices in our sourcing. This ensures that our customers receive the finest flowers while supporting responsible and ethical floral practices.

What are the most popular flowers for special occasions?

We maintain an unbroken cold chain from the farm to your doorstep and use state-of-the-art packaging and logistics solutions tailored to the needs, origin, and destination. Our dedicated logistics team coordinates with reputable freight companies to ensure optimal transit conditions.

How does Fagua Flowers support sustainable and ethical sourcing?

Sustainability and ethical sourcing are at the heart of our operations. We actively support local growers and contribute to social development, ensuring our practices benefit both the environment and the communities involved.

I have registered with Fagua Flowers. What's next?

Once registered, you can browse our extensive catalog of flowers. Select the products you're interested in, add them to your cart, and proceed to checkout for payment and shipping details.

What sets Fagua Flowers apart from other flower importers and distributors?

Fagua Flowers is distinguished by our direct partnerships with over 100 top-tier farms across the globe, our expansive portfolio featuring over 50 flower types and more than 2000 varieties, and our two decades of industry experience. Our commitment to quality, combined with our robust logistics network, ensures fresh and timely deliveries to our clients.

Can I request samples before placing a wholesale order?

Absolutely. We believe in the quality of our flowers and are happy to provide samples upon request. Please contact us to discuss your needs and arrange for sample dispatch.

Can you handle large, complex orders with multiple flower types?

Yes, we specialize in managing large and complex orders. Our experience in consolidating orders from multiple farms into a single shipment makes procurement efficient for our clients, regardless of the order's complexity.

How do I book a standing order?

To book a standing order, please contact our sales team. We'll discuss your specific needs, preferred schedule, and the types of flowers you require, and set up a recurring order that suits your business needs.

What is your policy on damaged goods or unsatisfactory deliveries?

Our quality assurance program is designed to prevent such issues, but in the rare event that you receive damaged goods or are unsatisfied with the delivery, we have a straightforward claims process. We will work with you to resolve any issues quickly and satisfactorily.

How quickly can my order be delivered/shipped?

Delivery times depend on your location and the shipping method chosen. Typically, orders are processed and shipped within 24-48 hours of order confirmation. For specific delivery timelines, please check the estimated delivery date at checkout or contact our logistics team. specific needs and requirements.

What are your payment terms for B2B orders?

We offer various payment terms designed to accommodate the different needs of our B2B clients. Our team will work with you to establish terms that align with your procurement cycles and business operations. Make sure to send us an email at @correo

What is the price or cost of our products?

The prices of our products vary depending on the type of flowers, quantity, and season. Please visit our product catalog for detailed pricing information or contact our sales team for a personalized quote.

What is the cost of shipping or delivery?

Shipping costs vary depending on the size of the order, destination, and delivery method. Please proceed to checkout with your selected items to view the shipping costs or contact our logistics team for a detailed quote.