Blooms in Bloom: Unveiling the Latest Wedding Floral Trends

Join us on a floral adventure where creativity blossoms and trends redefine wedding elegance.
Explore the transformative power of flowers, unveiling the latest styles and reshaping bridal aesthetics.

The cool thing about trends is that they are ever-changing, especially when it comes to weddings. Floral artists around the world are constantly exploring new ways to transform how people interact and perceive flowers in bridal events by playing with texture, contrasting colors and compelling forms.

Discover the floral styles that are transforming wedding aesthetics as we guide you through four floral trends that will cover everything from bridal bouquets to tablescapes and installations. In addition, with every trend we will show you how to get these looks with our curated selection of stunning varieties you can get from Fagua Flowers.

Double-sided bouquet

Let’s start o  with bridal bouquets. Over the years these statement pieces have been remastered to cater to the bride’s personality and floral artists have been exploring with new shapes and styles.

We would like to present you the beauties of Double-Sided Bouquets.

These are becoming more and more popular on Instagram and Pinterest since they propose a new way to perceive bridal bouquets. The particularity of two-sided bouquets is that they use flexible stems to give a sophisticated curvature and focal flowers such as callas, phalaenopsis, anthuriums and malleable foliage like eucalyptus.

Creativity is endless when creating these compositions because you can design with different color palettes for different tastes. For example, bright and funky double-sided bouquets that contrast bold colors like lilacs and oranges to more romantic shades like earthy and muted tones.

Create a stunning double-sided bouquet with an array of exquisite blooms. Choose from the Fagua’s portfolio a a selection of vibrant calla lilies in shades of purple, black, burgundy, and pink passion. Add a touch of elegance with luxurious anthuriums, available in Olivius, Prestige, Bellanca, Cognac, and Lovely Violet Heart varieties. For a romantic flourish, incorporate garden roses such as Alabaster, Caramel Antike, Juliet, Miyabi, Patience, and Westminster big blooms. Finally, elevate the arrangement with the delicate beauty of orchids, including Phalaenopsis in pink and purple hues, Dendrobium in white and yellow, and Cymbidium in vibrant yellow.

Mono variety bouquet

Next up we have Mono-Variety bouquets and these are gathering quite a crowd, especially within minimalist and edgy brides who aspire for a “less is more” type of look. Basically, these are bouquets that are composed of one or various stems of the same variety. This editorial look is based on showcasing an impactful flower to highlight its stunning beauty and complement the bride’s outfit. This look is achieved mainly by selecting a flower that has a big focal bloom like Anthuriums, Orchids and of course delightful Garden Roses.

This is a bridal bouquet trend where rules don’t exist.

As a matter of fact, floral designers are elevating this look by intervening these stems by bedazzling and painting the flowers and complementing them with fabrics, ribbons and feathers. You can achieve this look by also implementing the monochrome trend by designing with one variety of the same color and leaving longer stems for a clean & fresh-cut appearance.

Create an impactful mono-variety bouquet bursting with elegance and charm. Choose from Fagua’s portfolio a selection of an array of breathtaking blooms to create a captivating arrangement. Select from luxurious anthuriums, available in Acura, Peruzzi, Tequila, Choco, and Marysia varieties, for a touch of exotic allure. Add a romantic touch with delicate peonies in Gardenia Blush Pink, exuding timeless beauty. Incorporate the classic beauty of tulips in crisp white and vibrant ginger red for a pop of color. On the other hand, you can elevate the bouquet with the rich hues of ranunculus, including Rosso, Viola, Nerone, and Commedia varieties, and the exquisite beauty of garden roses such as Baroness, Dark Xpression, Tess, Hearts, Piano, Princess Maya, and Quicksand.

Muted Green Tablescapes

Reimagining new ways of elevating the experience of the table will always be in style. Floral artists around the world reach out to trends for inspiration and today we want to show you the Verdan Elegance. A world of timeless charm featuring an array of lush green florals from elegant eucalyptus to delicate ferns that capture the essence of nature’s beauty.

The intention with these tables is to create “still-life” moments with florals, foliage, fruits, vegetables and other decorative elements like chandeliers and tableware to create an experience that becomes a conversation starter for guests when seated at the table. This is a space to let creativity roll and dispose of the table as a blank canvas to explore with movement, texture, spontaneous, quirky and out-of-the-box decisions.

An all-green styling for the table is an atemporal & timeless look that can fit in for various occasions. Some of our favorite blooms to use to carry o  this trend are green hydrangeas like Green Antique, Kiwi, Emerald variegated, and Mini Lemon varieties, Green Balls, Hanging Amaranthus, Winterbell Helleborus and Bells of Ireland all of which can be delivered to your front door through our service.

Craft a serene muted green tablescape with Fagua’s portfolio. for a blend of textures and foliage. Accentuate with hypericum berries in Cool Romance, Green Jade, or Lucky Romance varieties for a natural touch. Add depth with fillers like Ammi Majus, Bell of Ireland, and Bupleurum. Complete the look with lush foliage including Pittosporum Variegated and Green, Lilly Grass Variegated, and Lepidium, creating a verdant backdrop of timeless beauty.

Large-Scale Scenarios

Welcome to the world of Large-scale scenarios. These are becoming ever more popular in weddings because they are ideal to simply add the element of FUN to the mix!

These are immersive experiences that create out-of-this-world scenarios through architectonic floral staging and design. These large-scale scenarios can be as grandiose as intended by grouping the same colored varieties of the same flower in asymmetrical forms to create quirky shapes of floral type of rugs and mountains.

To achieve this trend we recommend working with bold colors and spontaneous palette combinations that add a pop. Also, you can combine different types of flowers by blocking them by color or variety, contrasting flowers like chrysanthemums, carnations and tropical flowers.

Level up & create an immersive wedding scenario.

Create a captivating large-scale scenario with an abundance of striking blooms from Fagua’s portfolio. Incorporate a diverse selection of carnations, including Bernard, Copper Extasis, Mirage, Nobbio Party, Hypnosis, Mustard, Monte Verdi, Apple Tea, Hermes, and Hermes Orange, for a vibrant and dynamic display. Integrate the timeless beauty of roses such as Mother of Pearl, Movie Star, Fuego, Tycoon, Gisele, Kings Cross, Violet Hill, Bromo, Red Panther, Symbol, Cafe Latte, and Quicksand, adding elegance and romance to the scene. Elevate the arrangement with luxurious garden roses like Yves Paiget, Sunset, Menta, Darcey, Baroness, and Sabrina, infusing the space with sophistication and charm. Finally, incorporate delicate spray roses such as Gem Star, Loli, Sahara Sensation, and Babe, for a touch of whimsy and delicacy.

When creating based on trends we got you covered.

Create your own version of these astonishing wedding trends and make your order now.

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