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At Fagua Flowers we are dedicated to coolhunting the trendiest floral varieties around the world and bringing them to your door.  With over 20 years of experience, we serve wholesale floral distributors, retail chains, and diverse online platforms with unparalleled varieties of premium blooms.

Embrace a future where quality, variety, and strategic growth bloom together with Fagua Flowers

Our Leading-Edge Flowers

We break new ground with our curated selection that range from exclusive-niche rarities to mainstream favorites, which are meticulously cared for to guarantee a pristine condition upon arrival. Through our understanding & constant study of market trends, we empower your business to thrive with an innovative portfolio and reliable service.


With Fagua Flowers you will always have first hand access to the market's novelties.
Our Wholesale collection is expertly crafted to bring innovation and cater to large-scale floral needs. It combines scale with quality, offering a diverse range of trendy flowers to meet the rigorous demands of events and high-volume clientele.

Event-Ready Selection
Quality in Quantity
Diverse Portfolio

Premium Flower Program

Our Premium Flower Program offers a distinguished and studied selection, tailored to captivate with each season's most coveted blooms. This program is a recollection of our in-depth investigation of floral trends and other creative industries.

Trend based Portfolio
Avant-Garde Choices
Diverse Selection

Mass Market

Exceptional Quality & Everyday Beauty with a twist of innovation.
Our Mass Market selection is tailored for volume, design and competitive rates.

Seasonal Specialties
Everyday Elegance
Volume and Variety

Our Edge

An integral approach to deliver the best.

Enjoy a Portfolio That Speaks Volumes. At Fagua Flowers, we are more than just a floral supplier, we are strategic partners who have developed a business model flexible enough to resolve any logistical requirement in any part of the world, while inspiring our clients with the market's latest varieties.

More than 20 years of Floral Sourcing Experience.

We are flower hunters offering an A to Z trend-based portfolio.

Trusted Partnerships with over 100 farms worldwide & shipping to 20+ countries worldwide.

Specialized logistics for each customer, origin & destination by air, sea and ground.

Partnering for Success: Why Choose Fagua Flowers

Where Global Floral Expertise Meets Local Excellence

At FaguaFlowers, we blend international reach with personalized service, offering unmatched expertise in the floral industry. Discover the unique advantages of partnering with us:


Real Stories, Real Success. Don't take it from us, take it from our clients

We take pride in the words of our partners. Their words transmit their trust and satisfaction, from global wholesale distributors to local retail chains.

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Stay updated in a world of ever changing floral trends. Get access to insightful articles that will always keep you posted on the latest trends and floral selections for every season.